Best Fashion Instagrams To Follow - March 2013.


Instagram. What does that word mean to you? It hasn't been added to the dictionary YET but I can definitely see it being an addition in the near future! The growth of Instagram has been absolutely phenomenal and it has secured a comfortable seat (front row) at the world of social media. JUST in case you don't know, Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service. It allows users to take pictures (in the 1:1 square format), apply filters to the pics and then share them with the world!

I actually first got Instagram two/three years ago when it first came out! I got my first iPhone nearly 4 years ago (yes I've had iPhone 3GS to 4S to 5, awkward) and was completely OBSESSED with downloading apps, just like everyone is when they first get their iPhones. So I literally downloaded any app that looked interesting and had pages of apps most of which I didn't even use.. well until my memory out. AWKS.

So when I first made Instagram, I was just posting away for months thinking it was just another photo editing app with cool easy filters but then when I got lots people following me, I was like whoaaa omg all these people can see these CRINGE pictures of me so I made it "Private" and used the account just to save pictures like behind the scenes of blog shoots, silly pictures of me etc you know those pictures that are just so embarrassing but you don't wanna let go of? Haha I LOVE memories and instagram was just an amazing photo diary opportunity! Weeks ago I decided I wanted to finally join in with all the blogger Instagram fun PUBLICLY! Everything from instagramming food to hair to fashion but after a series of Instagram account name changes (to save 'memory' account) to making a new account (to use original name) there seemed to be a problem. The new account was created with the original username but whenever anyone searched for the username, it kept coming up as "no users found" - I was reluctant to start actively posting just in case I had to delete the account and start all over.

To cut a long story short, I had major technical difficulties with my old (VERY old, I'm taking OG!) Instagram name that I just decided to make a fresh one - it's now @JENNIFERAGWUNOBI which is my name, in case you didn't know :) I only have a few pics right now but now that I am sure that my username works I will start uploading an unhealthy amount (e.g. the 'memory' account has over a thousand photos) - look out for these :)

ANYWAY, talk about a VERY long intro! I wanted to write this post to talk to you about the current Instagram pages that I'm currently loving and that you should follow too. These series of Instagram pages are similar in a sense but also very different in their own way. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do! I've included the link to each one so that you can check them out -

The best place for daily fashion inspiration are these sort of pages as they have such a variety of things to fall in love with - enjoy! :)

1. Fashion For All (@FASHIONFORALL)
Fashionforall was created on January 2012 with a purpose of posting inspirational pictures. The girl behind the Instagram page is named Andrea, she is a 17 year old girl from Norway and also has a blog here.

6. Accessory Central (@ACCESSORYADDICTX)
Accessories can truly make or break an outfit right? So if you feel as though you need some accessory inspiration, this is definitely the page you should be checking out!

7. Fashionairy (@FASHIONAIRY)
The owner of Fashionairy goes by the name Bahadir Badi Berber who is a professional break dancer from Denmark - Copenhagen. Berber has lately joined the world of fashion via his Instagram @fashionairy, have a look!
Don't forget to enter an exclusive competition I'm running on my Instagram @jenniferagwunobi now!

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  1. love instagram! thanks for the links!


  2. Just followed all of them, thanks!


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