I am an economist, songwriter, blogger and entrepreneur.
I know HTML, CSS and quite a bit more.
I love to learn languages and not only the coding type.
I may be short but have full intent to 'reach a great height'​.
In love with Fashion and Technology and have experience in both.
As well as Marketing, Social Media and general corporate Growth.
I can analyse the economy on the back of my hand.
Always smiling, exerting positivity, and I like to be kind. 
I'm a good team player with extensive communication skills...
Such as written, verbal and interpersonal which is all very ideal.
I am always bursting with fresh ideas and am extremely motivated.
I love to uplift other people and make sure they stay elevated.

What does "BOOTYFURL" mean?

how people from london & essex say 'beautiful'
more so essex & i promise i'm not lying to you.
don't believe me? try it out now
trust me you'll find that 'r' somehow! ;)

Bootyfurl is a UK music, fashion, natural hair, (inner) beauty, wellbeing, technology, travel and lifestyle blog by Jennifer Agwunobi.

Who are you?

Who am I? In the words of Beenie Man..

Jennifer. A name. 8 letters. 3 syllables. Sometimes abbreviated to Jen or Jenny - been told that Jenny also means donkey! #Charming :) "Don't be fooled by the LOCKS that I got, I'm still, I'm still Jenny From The BLOG" I say Locks rather than Rocks, not only am I allergic to Nickel and don't really wear jewelery but my hair is ever-changing so I thought it'd be more applicable!


Music. Technology. Fashion. Natural Hair. FOOD. In no particular order.

Random facts?

I am random. I smile too much. I laugh more. I can do the splits. I have two degrees, BSc (Hons) Economics and MSc Marketing, anddd as of January 2017 I am doing a PhD! I love Minnie Mouse. I have a sewing machine as well as a Microphone, Piano and Guitar. I write stuff.. songs.. a blog? I love writing. Tres fantabulous. I love designing. I love learning new things, so I research a new thing everyday - never stop learning. Obsessed with music. I can solve mathematical equations quite quickly, test me. Lived in Stratford (Olympic City of '2012) until I was 6 then moved to "Essex". There was a time when people asked me where I was from and I said "Essex" and they were like "where?" now they're like "OMG shut up!"

My surname (Agwunobi) rhymes with 'Obi Wan Kenobi' from starwars, surely that deserves a gold star.. or two?

Want to know more?

Read the blog! :)


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Yours sincerely, 
Jennifer Agwunobi.

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