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    Queu Queu SS15 - Behind The Scenes


    Today I will be sharing some exclusive behind the scene shots from Queu Queu SS15 Ready To Wear collection.


    Queu Queu is a London based clothing brand - the repeated “Queu” from “Queu Queu” simply represents the letter “Q” in which both the Q's stand for Quality and Quantity. Furthermore, the motto behind Queu Queu is “Quality is Greater Than Quantity”. Whoa, that was a lot of Q's, well at least it'll stick in your head right!?

    Some key pieces of the collection includes the Keep It 100 Baseball Jersey, the Keep It 100 Marble Football Shirt as well as the plain Marble Football Shirt. Unlike the usual baseball jersey, this Queu Queu shirt is slim fit and thus can be worn as casual and/or smart and although Queu Queu is a menswear brand, it can certainly accommodate the female fashionistas out there! A thread of versatility runs throughout the collection. 

    I actually wore the White Marble Football Shirt on the last day of London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015, I love it! Particularly how comfy yet effortlessly stylish it is. It really speaks for itself and I'm not sure about you but I'm semi(COMPLETELY)-obsessed with Marble right now. Oooh and the mesh inserts are literally a breeze!


    Whether you're working on a idea that you think is going to change the world, or maybe even studying for the dream degree, remember that Quality Is Greater Than Quantity. It's a well known but fantastic message to reiterate!



    Being on set is always super inspirational, it's incredible to see everything come together! Queu Queu's SS15 collection undoubtedly oozes quality and let's face it, it's a minimalists dream! It truly features the perfect blend of style and practicability.  
    I love that this brand looks great and sends a great message at the same time. My interpretation is that "Keep it 100" is more than just a 'say-ing'... it's a 'do-ing' and by 'doing I mean it's all about striving to reach those goals and dreams that you've forever longed for. What's stopping you? Keep it 100. Do your best.

    Imagine re-instating this message on a daily basis, hourly if you want. I may not be a fabric mogul but I sure am experienced in shopping haha and I know that the outstanding quality of these garments means that you can wear it on a frequent basis. In this post I'm wearing a limited edition Black Marble Keep It 100 Football Shirt, it was a World Cup exclusive and is completely sold out now but fear not as the beautiful plain Black Marble Football Shirt is still available for your consumption! #YouAreWelcome

    Keep on striving to do your best. Work at your 100% optimal level and you WILL achieve and succeed.  

    Keep It 100. 


    Queu Queu SS15 Collection is available to purchase on www.queuqueu.com :)

    Yours sincerely,

    Jennifer Agwunobi

    London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 - Day 5 - #SS15 #LFW

    Day 5 of LFW SS15 was by far my favourite and here's why...

    The beautiful, humble and kind Tanya Burr whom I'm sure you all know and love, made the day an absolute delight! I love her, she's amazing. I'm wearing a Queu Queu Marble Football Shirt which I absolutely adore, it's effortlessly stylish and it's definitely a new staple.


    Literally could not stop laughing like AT ALL.

    The AMAZING Scola Dondo, the sweetest funniest and very inspirational young lady made me smile so much! Check out her fitness videos on youtube if you haven't already and don't forget to subscribe! We spoke about everything from Food, Fitness to African parents. Fashion Week is literally a workout and a half, but more of that another time haha, love you Scola!

    How stunning is Oghosa from Sincerely Oghosa? & her personality is one in a million, gurrrl you winning! 

    You may recognise Wilma from StyleFoqus, I've known her for about 10 years #NoBigDeal - she's one of the kindest people you'd ever meet in your life, anyone is bless to have her in their lives. You can too if you check out her newly renovated StyleFoqus website and all their social media!

    Okay, I admit... It'll take me a lot more time until I master my #VogueFace because I simply smile slash laugh (hysterically) too much but fear not! Miss Vogue is magazine for the younger demographic, it's known as Vogue's little sister so hopefully my smiling goes well with the theme haha.

    Okay, so Lopez aka Justin Bieber aka his first name isn't Lopez, his second name is Lopez. Lopez is literally our bestie already, he reminds me of Justin Bieber haha and omg his sarcasm is even more advanced than mine - how is that even possible? Lopez, could you answer please? That is unacceptable! In fact, I declare a thumb war.

    Rough Copy are one of my faves out of X Factor like ever. I love/d them so much, I actually got to watch them live at the VIP Shopcade LFW event on day 3 of fashion week. Honestly they are AMAZING. We were right at the front and one of them sang directly to me for a whole 30 seconds, 30 complete seconds of a 3 minute song equates to one sixth which is quite a long time when you're shy and giggling and #blackgirlblushing. I'd so see them live again! So it was great bumping into them on Day 5 :)

    Omg does Olivia not remind you on Kylie Jennifer? YES YES YAAASSS. 

    Amanda, my Swedish bae. I love her! Her photography is amazing and so I've forced encouraged her to start a blog so hopefully she starts it sometime soon and I'll post it right here! No pressure Amanda ;)

    Oh heyyy Bieber, loving the bindi. He won't admit it but he was inspired by my head gear. Isn't that right Lopez? :)

    Pippa Melody aka as equally awkward as I am. We bond over Minnie Mouse, awkward situations and afros. I cannot spend a minute with her and not laugh, everyone needs a Glozell* Pippa in their life. *Someone on instagram said and I quote "Is it bad that she reminds me of Glozell" #LOVEIT.