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    Michael Agwunobi SS14 - #FestivalStyle

    So today marks the first day of Wireless Festival 2014, wooooop! 
    I've gathered 4 of my faves from the Michael Agwunobi SS14 collection, to give you inspiration :)

    Turn Up

    Okay so maybe you won't need your headphones AT the festival whilst your watching an artist, but when you get home, you can certainly #TurnUp by reminiscing on what you've just seen, heard and experienced! It's a shame that Drake cancelled last minute otherwise I'm pretty sure you could have rapped along to his song Versace (see how I integrated medusa here? #Yaaasss!).


    That Shxt Cray

    Roses - Someones Garden

    Okay so maybe you won't bring roses to a festival, but you can certainly have flowers in your hair... see what I did there? #ThatSh*tCray ;)

    P.S. Kanye West is going to be at Wireless so when "N*ggas In Paris" comes on, we want you allllll to rap/sing/scream along to the chorus! #ThatSh*tCray #ThatSh*tCray #THATSh*tCray ;)


    Gimmy More Choos

    Jimmy Choo - Sloane

    Okay so maybe you won't wear Jimmy Choos to a festival but let's say you're wearing your equally fabulous boots to a festival and the boots get muddy? This t-shirt can signal to everyone to give you more shoes! Super efficient if you ask me.



    Carrots - Tesco
    Ponytail - Horse

    Okay so it's a festival, you're bound to see some ratchet-ry! 


    Picture this, you wake up (flawless) post up (flawless) haha joking no but really, you wake up, jump out of bed... you've got a festival to go to! What ever shall you wear!? The best thing about statement tees is that they speak for themselves! Oooh and I love how these particular Michael Agwunobi tees are completely integrated with music too!

    I also wrote a full Michael Agwunobi SS14 collection write up for Hashtag Fash Mag, so if you want a tshirt to tshirt description go go go have a look!

    Check out the whole collection at michaelagwunobi.com


    Oooh and to all the beautiful American's out there HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Take lotsss of pictures of all those pretty fireworks and tweet them to me :D


    Get Ready With Me - Summer 2014! ♥

    Hellooo beautiful!

    For the month of July I shall be doing daily stuff, yaaasss honey that's right!

    "Errrmm "daily stuff" Jennifer really? Talk about lack of creativity with your words, GOSH" oh I'm sorry, excuse my ratchet-ry! By 'daily stuff' I mean something daily... stuff daily... daily stuff haha, whether it be a daily blog post or a daily vlog/youtube video. Some days it may even be both!

    Yesterday my first daily thaaanggg went up, literally at like 11 something PM but I was super determined to have something up for the 1st of July! Yayyyy super excited to do this!

    Random fact: the location of the footage was at the beautiful Marbella, specifically a place called Puerto Banus which actually where the cast of TOWIE (currently TOWIM) have been filming recently haha, it really is so pretty and relaxing! I have more pics of my trip >click here< and also a previous post on Puerto Banus >click here<

    I've got loadsss lined up from this moment on and I cannot wait to share everything with you!

    P.S. if it wasn't clear already, I'm sorta obsessed with .gifs, I've been using it on my blog for YEARS, take a look! *plug plug plug* also whilst you're at it, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel pretty pleaseee *puppy eyes* :)