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    Keep It 100 - #FashionFriday

     Hello beautiful! 

    Today I will be sharing some shots from London Fashion Week AW15 essentially a photoshoot of Queu Queu's Keep It 100 Baseball Jersey haha :)

    Oh and not to mention my signature Minnie Mouse Ears (and red lip of course) which are my fave! I guess these ones are more Mickey than Minnie but I'm just in love with them. I mean is it weird that I wear them nearly everyday... :P

    So anyway what does Keep It 100 even mean I hear you ask?

    Well firstly, you may recognise it as an emoji (who else loves emojis) but to be me, Keep It 100 symbolises the act of putting your absolute 100% into every little thing that you do! Fashion is more than just material, you can use it to spread bold, positive, encouraging and influential messages!

    "Keep It 100" she said.

    This jersey has mesh inserts in the sleeve which I really like! Also, it's a fitted silhouette with a curved hem and tackle twill embroidery on the back for all you fashionistas and textile-istas out there! 


    You guys know how much I love .gifs, pretty much every single post on my blog has a .gif... or two or even ten haha.

    Clearly I can't do the #VogueFace for that long - I always end up laughing!

    Trés #fash.




    Her coat to the right is fab.

    Best Photobomb Nominations of Autumn Winter 2015 goes to...

    ... and the winner of Best Photobomb of Autumn Winter 2015 is...


    Yours sincerely,
    Jennifer Agwunobi

    Paris (Fashion Week) Photo Diary - Feel At Home - #TravelThursday

    Bonjour ma cherie!

    This weekend I was in Paris! As cliché as It may sound, I was blown away. I felt at home. I was equipped with an iPhone 6 Plus to capture beautiful memories and a Three sim card to enable me to share beautiful moments. Having the Three network meant I had the amazing ‘Feel At Home’ service. Feel At Home is a service by Three where you are able to use your phone abroad at no extra cost, so you literally use your minutes, texts AND INTERNET just as you would in England. I don’t know if any of you guys saw their Feel At Home advert from last year? I absolutely loved it, it was so me! Everything from the hashtag to the sarcasm haha. This post is truly symbolic of the #holidayspam hashtag used in that advert – narrowing down the number of pictures taken was so hard and took absolute ages but I hope you love it! Ooooh and P.S. the rest of the pictures from this point on were taken with an iPhone 6 Plus on the go!

    It’s been a few days since I’ve been back and I still can’t believe how amazing it was, the trip was made that extra bit special with Feel At Home. The minute I got to France, it worked. Automatically! I didn’t have to do anything. Nothing beats being able to speak to your mum on the phone, or text your dad in a completely different country just as you would in England, but without having to worry about an unethical roaming charge haha. It’s honestly the little things in life that make all the difference.

    Travelling is trés therapeutic, it’s so soothing. That being said, being able to keep in touch with everyone and everything at home is equally as soothing as it’s so reassuring!

    I initially started typing this as I overlooked Paris. Life is a wonderful thing and life really is petit. That’s French for short. Technology has revolutionsed the way we communicate with one another and it’s incredible. No other network gives you the opportunity to this and as I said I was blown away – somewhat overwhelmed. Actually ‘overwhelmed’ it the perfect word. I expected it would be great but not this great!

    When I got to Paris, my aunty picked me up from the station, I hadn’t seen her in ages so it was great! We took the metro to her house as there was bundles of traffic on the way. She lives in a place in France called Bondy which is somewhat the outskirts of Paris and we had to get all the way back to Paris where the hotel was, thankfully I had Feel At Home and was able to use the Google Maps app on my iPhone 6 Plus. It took about an hour to get to the hotel from her house but we just followed the Sat Nav app on the phone got there fine in the end! It worked amazingly and if it weren’t for Feel At Home, the charges would have been absolutely mad from all the internet needed for satellite navigation! It really is the little things in life.

    Have you ever gone on holiday, cheekily put on your mobile internet when you shouldn’t have, just to quickly upload a selfie on social media or even to spam your friends with holiday pics? #holidayspam haha – THIS IS ME ALWAYS. I still can’t get my head around not having to worry about a bill of a hundreds of pounds all for those few selfies (or “eiffels”, as in Eiffel tower… selfie... get it?) that accumulated. No more hoping a random area will have free wifi because you’re dying to post something or even just check something!

    It was amazing being in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, such a great vibe! I particularly like street style and getting to know the people behind the fashion! Paris brings out the minimalist in me, I pretty much developed chromophobia (yup, the fear of colour) - it was all about black, white, marble and just my signature splash of red lipstick. I wore my Queu Queu Marble Tshirt for the main day I was there, Saturday. As well as casing my phone in a Queu Queu Marble Case. It’s safe to say I was marbled out haha. Throughout my short but sweet stay, I gave out lots of free smiles to the people of Paris and they all seemed to love my Minnie Ears! You’d think they’d be used to seeing it by now but it seemed to make everyone smile which was lovely to see! Lots of lovely people said “tres Jolie” (very beautiful) to me, which was super nice! Oooh and a lot of people asked to take pictures with me which was endearing haha.

    I’m so grateful.

    Let’s all take more weekends away to Paris or Milan or New York or Marbella or... I literally nearly just listed cities of all the 18 countries that Feel At Home is available in.

    The most amazing thing is that this isn’t an advert, Three sent me out to Paris equipped with an iPhone 6 Plus and a magical sim card – I was simply asked to do what I want and say what I want (if I want) in the process. This is how I feel. I feel great. I feel grateful. I feel at home. Yup that was very cheesy, I am cheesy, I am a cheese, I cheese (didn’t work quite as well did it haha) – oooh I had an interesting chicken and cheese Panini last night. You see what happened was, I was meant to take a picture but then I was hungry and my phone seemed so far away at the time LOL.

    Until next time!

    P.S. did you know that Disneyland Paris isn’t ACTUALLY in Paris? I’ve literally been living a lie for 21 years!

    However I must say that nothing makes me feel more at home than this beauty:

    Yours sincerely,
    Jennifer Agwunobi