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    It's totally not even Monday today... awks. 

    However I couldn't wait till next Monday to post this (forever super excited) and I missed the Monday just gone #KeepingItReal haha so I thought I'd introduce my beautiful new series for you called #MusicMonday.

    Soooo, this post is centered around the snippets of music featured in my latest vlog, and why they are my absolute faves at the moment! I mixed/edited most of the songs down however you can defo still grasp which songs are which. With the summer festival season fastly approaching I thought this will be quite fitting!

    Before we get started on the songs, I've got an abundance of pics to post #LeSigh - I should really get into the habit of taking like 5 pictures only rather than like 100 of similar looking pictures haha!

    1. Years and Years - King

    This is defo gonna be a summer 'banger' (as the kids say). It's a mood changer! Also it feels quite timeless at the moment, which is an interesting thing to say considering it's still quite new! But it feels like it's a song that you won't get bored of easily. Years and Years are a British trio of musicians - collectively playing the bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, , synth, synthesizer, keyboard and of course vocals!

    You can buy King on iTunes now 

    2. Waltz Of The Flowers - Tchaikovsky
    Next song might seem random but it's fab! I LOVE classical music, like literally in love. It's just so soothing and plus it reminds me of disney parades each and every time haha. I pretty much listen to Classic FM almost everyday! The particularly piece was composed for "The Nutcracker" - a ballet sensation!

    You can buy Waltz Of The Flowers on iTunes now

    3. Tom Ford - Jay Z & Justin Timberlake
    Following the introduction of Tidal HiFi it seems only right to re-introduce ourselves with a song from Jay-Z's last album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'. I LOVE the beat so much!

    You can buy Tom Ford on iTunes now 

    4. B*tch Better Have My Money (BBHMY) - Rihanna
    Too catchy not to love! I cannot wait for the video to come out, we all know it will be #sassy.

    You can buy BBHMY on iTunes now

    5. Kukere - Iyanya
    This song is quite old but it's such a feel-good song from a Nigerian artist, it is bound to make you dance without fail!

    You can buy Kukere on iTunes now

    6. Earned It - The Weeknd
    When The Weeknd first ever ever ever came out, I assumed 'they' were a band based on the name, I soon realised 'they' were a band yes... but a one man band! 'Earned It' is amazing and super sassy #LoveIt!

    You can buy Earned It on iTunes now

    7. Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj & Beyonce
    So in the vid, there's a part where I mixed down B*tch Better Have My Money with Feeling Myself! Feeling Myself again, has an infectious beat.

    You can buy Feeling Myself on iTunes now

    8. Cheerleader - Omi
    Yayyyy for Summer 2015 - there is something about this song particularly the remix by Felix (ooh that rhymed!). Felix Jaehn that is! The song was orginally release in 2012 by Omi but producer Felix Jaehn remixed and re-released it in 2014 and it then went on to be number 1 globally!

    You can buy Cheerleader on iTunes now

    I wasn't sure whether to call this post "Cartwheels In HEELS, Lots and Smiles and Shoreditch Style #MusicMonday" however I thought the "#MusicMonday" looked super chic and cute on it's own! So yup, nice little insight there for you haha.

    Until next time mi amigos!

    Yours sincerely,
    Jennifer Agwunobi

    Keep It 100 - #FashionFriday

     Hello beautiful! 

    Today I will be sharing some shots from London Fashion Week AW15 essentially a photoshoot of Queu Queu's Keep It 100 Baseball Jersey haha :)

    Oh and not to mention my signature Minnie Mouse Ears (and red lip of course) which are my fave! I guess these ones are more Mickey than Minnie but I'm just in love with them. I mean is it weird that I wear them nearly everyday... :P

    So anyway what does Keep It 100 even mean I hear you ask?

    Well firstly, you may recognise it as an emoji (who else loves emojis) but to be me, Keep It 100 symbolises the act of putting your absolute 100% into every little thing that you do! Fashion is more than just material, you can use it to spread bold, positive, encouraging and influential messages!

    "Keep It 100" she said.

    This jersey has mesh inserts in the sleeve which I really like! Also, it's a fitted silhouette with a curved hem and tackle twill embroidery on the back for all you fashionistas and textile-istas out there! 


    You guys know how much I love .gifs, pretty much every single post on my blog has a .gif... or two or even ten haha.

    Clearly I can't do the #VogueFace for that long - I always end up laughing!

    Trés #fash.




    Her coat to the right is fab.

    Best Photobomb Nominations of Autumn Winter 2015 goes to...

    ... and the winner of Best Photobomb of Autumn Winter 2015 is...


    Yours sincerely,
    Jennifer Agwunobi