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All items in this post were sent to me but this is not sponsored, all views are my own. So without further ado, here are some of my currents favourites :)

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I was given a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in rose gold by Carphone Warehouse during London Fashion Week and I'm truly in love. It literally does it all. I'm so grateful to have a new sidekick by me at all times! The screen is amazingly humongous and it means I can watch a cheeky youtube video in complete comfort. It's been two months and I think my little hands have just able adjusted to the size of the phone, yayyy! I love the leather back, it's such superior quality and feels awesome. As of today, 14/04/2014 - I've got about 3,000 pictures/videos. I am in love with the quality and the features that the camera has to offer. It makes the greatest partnership with my Canon 100D (you are all invited to the joining of two techno-hearts). I've integrated my phone with Google Plus (and auto backup) which I suggest you all do if possible as it means that ALL your photos and videos get backed up onto Google Plus which is perf. 

2. Heat Holders Thermal Socks & Leggings

I spoke about these in my London Fashion Week posts, but basically these are thermal socks and leggings. It's the little ideas that can really make your day. Have you noticed that when you're warm, you're happy? It's as simple as that, when I'm warm I'm happy! That doesn't mean I'm not happy if I'm cold, it just means that warmth is amazing. So, black leggings, every girl owns at least a pair.. imagine thermal leggings? That thought, that little extra warmth in your life, surely you can imagine that in your life. I was exceedingly impressed with the knee high socks, honestly when you're wearing them you feel like you can conquer the world haha this is how you know I'm from the UK, we don't take warmth for granted!

3. ORS Surprise Gift

On Valentines Day, ORS sent the cutest surprise package with a teddy and chocolate. It was also the first day of LFW so I was literally running up and down stressing about what to wear (yup I'm that last minute!) but this came and I thought it was super cuteee. I gave it all to my momma and she loved it!

4. Alpro Almond Milk


Can I get an AMEN. I've definitely always been a porridge person but I've never really been a milk person. Like a literally was never the type of person who could drink milk and eat cookies and be like yummyyy. In fact, I was never a dairy person but a few years ago I forced myself to like cheese because I literally wasn't consuming any calcium. So years later, I like cheese but I still wasn't really a milk person UNTIL ALMOND MILK CAME ALONG. Omg, Alpro deserve some gold stars. This almond milk not only tastes better than normal milk (in my opinion) but it also has Vitamin D in it, whooop! I've been super low in Vitamin D for the past few years and I get so happy when food products are fortified with Vitamin D, oh my gawww I can't even. It's amazing, I love it with porridge (which may I add I've loved ever since reading Goldilocks & The Three Bears #DontJudgeMe). You can also add it to your smoothies, which I'm yet to try. I don't think I've ever made a successful smoothie/juice, like ever. I'm sure we've all been there when we've attempted to make a juice or a smoothie and we throw in whatever fruit we can see thinking it'll turn out amazingly, have a taste and then send it to it's new home (the sink). I think it's an art of using the right blender/juicer first and foremost and using the right products and consistensies so ONE DAY I shall try with Alpro Almond Milk and I'll let you know :)

5. Glam Media LFW Survival Kit

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm part of GLAM MEDIA and during LFW the cuties at Glam sent a survival kit. I love how they catered for the bipolar UK weather - an umbrella in case the rain wanted to feed the plants and sunglasses for if they sun decided to smile! I love Glam sooo much, the ads that surround my content are controlled by Glam and I literally smile every single time I go on my blog because of the new ads I see, the designs are always impeccable and I ALWAYS print screen my faves (not even lying haha). These sunglasses are rose gold! I've never had rose gold sunglasses ever, looking through them is like entering another world. Exaggeration? Nope, just a 20yearold-but-think-shes-still-14 type of thing to say. 

6. Escentual Beauty

So guys, take a look at all these beautiful goodies! As I always say, I don't really wear make up at all, I'm more into skincare so imagine the smile on my face when I received this package full of these amazing skin care products that Escentual sent me. Yaaaasss honey, from ear to ear I was smiling! It's been about two months so I've had a great amount of time to try them. I shall split them up into the brands: Bioderma, Avéne and La Roche Posay. All three are premier but definitely affordable brands, they're certainly worth it I can tell you that now. I was particularly intrigued by Bioderma and the fact that they have ranges for such specific skin types, it is all very thorough and they try to cater specifically. This product from Avéne is an amazing no-rinse cleanser so it's perfect for sensitive skin, if I were to Bootyfurl translate this, I'd explain it as asking you to imagine putting a light substance on your skin that can cleans moisturise and then wiping the excess. The result is clean and moisturised skin, it doesn't get better than that! La Roche Posay is incredible, being a skincare junkie, I can literally read "product labels". I, Jennifer Agwunobi and fluent in product labels! I know instantly when a product is high quality, and this certainly is, as well as the Bioderma and Avéne range. This particular La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is made mainly for redness and spots, two things that I don't really get however prevention is better than cure and it's always perfect to have something like this handy for anytime you suspect an unwanted guest on your face!

7. Propercorn Popcorn



When I say PROPER you say CORN. PROPER... [I can't hear you]... PROPER... [Wait, what? I can't hear a thing... Ohhh my volume is on the lowest, one sec] CORN! Whoooop, yummy yummy for my tummy. Oh my gaawww Becky, look at her propercorn, it's like so low in calories. I like some propercorn and I cannot lie, you other snacks can't deny, when a girl walks in with propercorn in her hands, you're like damnnnn I want some in my life and get sprung! Yup, that's right. My rap right there made your day. You're welcome hahaha.


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  1. So lucky but you deserve it Jen xx

  2. You have some great products :)
    L x

  3. Amazing things! And the photos are really lovely as well :)

  4. I love your blog! Wow, keep up the good work!

    xCan you please visit/follow mine & my 14yr olds twins blog x
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