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WARNING: this blog post has billions of pictures... 🙈

Where do you feel most at home...? Apart from home of course! Are there any countries, events or places that you visit frequently, i.e. once a year? WELL, for me London Fashion Week is a bi-annual event that I've been lucky enough to be invited to and accredited for since the age of like 17! Henceforth, I can say I feel at home at London Fashion Week.

What's this got to do with Three? Anyone who knows me knows that I'm genuinely obsessed with Three and have been since I got my first ever contract with them like 10 years ago! I've said this so many times and I'll say it again, I love Three and I love Feel At Home. It literally feels unreal that I can be in France, Malta, Spain, America etc (42 destinations and counting #justsaying) and use my phone/data/calls/texts without having to worry about a monotonous bill - as clicheee as it sounds I actually genuinely do feel at home. I'm such a memory kind of girl, I'm the type to have 50,000 pictures of my phone full of daily memories (not selfies, don't worry haha) and I also love sharing experiences with you all, being on such an innovative network enables me to do so. Since I was young, I always got the best contract deals, low prices but high data/calls/texts, and by high it was pretty much always unlimited! There was one year I was on another network and the stress of always running out of data was infuriating especially because I'm always on the go!

Fashion week is my faveeee as I get to catch up with everyone AND be inspired by all the collections! Last season I hung out a lot at the Look Fantastic blogger lounge which was so fun! :)

Another way I feel at home during LFW is by wearing a custom made African inspired outfit every single season without fail! Have a look through my previous london fashion week posts and you'll see :)

Having my phone on Three's network makes making memories and sharing them such a breeze, aka never worrying about running out of data! Below are some pics I took on my phone, on the go!

Check out what countries Feel At Home currently operates in! So, what's your next destination? Next Stop: Marbella, Spain for me! 

Yours sincerely,
Jennifer Agwunobi

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  1. feel at home. l like your hair and your friends hair. so cute and beautiful girls

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  3. Are the photos taken somewhere in the West End?
    Looks familiar.
    Well shot, although a few blurry

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