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So Philips gave me a Philips Airfryer, lots of recipe cards, a £100 Tesco voucher/gift card, patience and the freedom to make lots of yummy and healthy food! I've actually had the Philips Airfryer for months (which has given me enough time to make an informed review) and it's honestly my go-to kitchen appliance. Whenever I feel hungry, I throw in some ingredients and within a short space of time bob's your uncle!

Cheeky little factfile: the Philips Airfryer requires NO oil, it fries with AIR. Shall I say that again? The Philips Airfryer does not require oil, it FRIES WITH AIR. For someone who loves fries (ME), this is literally the dream. Before, I'd put on the deep fryer (tut tut) and fry my chips but now I genuinely just use the Airfryer. Fries from the Airfryer contain up to 80% less fat and in my opinion they taste even better than when I used to deep fry them. It's also superrrr easy to clean as the attachments are all 100% dishwasher safe, can I get a YAASSSS?! Essentially you can ditch the take out and have a take in with the Airfyer, hence the hashtag #AirfryerTakeIn dadaaaa! 🎉

Over the course of the past few months, I've made so many quick, yummy and healthy bites using the Airfryer. Everything from Wedges to full on gourmet meals from scratch. I've also tried using it with and without foil.

I don't think this is the last you'll see of my Philips AirFryer on my blog as it has literally become bae haha. I genuinely can't get over how good it is, if you're in two minds you can download the app 'Philips AirFryer' and have a read through all the recipes and honestly you'll be amazed. You can make anything from brownies to sweet potato fries. DREAM.

More to come very soon! :)

Yours sincerely,
Jennifer Agwunobi

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  1. We have a SEB but it was one of the first models and it's starting to slowly fall apart now... So we're thinking about upgrading, maybe to an Airfryer.


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